hcxpcaptool - output possible WPA/WPA2 plainmasterkey list
I'm quite old to hash cracking but quite new to WPA stuff, and I take the new Zerbea tools release opportunity to learn and share.

I don't know if hashcat forum it the best place to discuss about these tools ? Maybe it could feed the hcxtools github wiki as well ?

Anyway, here is my question:
hcxpcaptool -h
-P <file> : output possible WPA/WPA2 plainmasterkey list

-> What can I do with this output file containing PMKs?

I saw the tool wlanpmk2hcx will "convert plainmasterkey and ESSID for use with hashcat hash-mode 12000"
I notice 12000 is faster than 2500.
Does it mean I can crack the password of my cap file using mode 12000 (which is faster) with the given PMK and ESSID ?

If you have a PMK and an ESSID, you can try to retrieve the PSK using hashmode 12000.
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