Pause instead of abort when temperature limit is reached
i dont like the idea because, from a architecture view, this function should be reside somewhere in the driver. well actually it is in there.

oh and, if you really want to do some per-celsius fan control, there are specialized programs for that.

also, the ETA which will be totally useless.
Certainly people will agree that it's more useful for the program to pause instead of terminating (often to considerable frustration)?

Couldn't the code pause code be placed exactly where the abort code is?

The ETA is just as inaccurate whether the program aborts or terminates, no?
This seems like a work around for people that are too lazy to setup their system properly. I think its a bad idea.
How is it a bad idea? I just don't understand how this can be anything but a win.
It's a bad idea to give people an excuse not to fix obvious cooling problems. It's like a doctor giving you morphine instead of telling you to stop shooting yourself in the foot.
I for one think it's an excellent idea (with a pause option) and if it is technically possible to implement I don't understand why people have an issue with this? Helping people fixing their potential cooling issues by enabling such "small" but useful features is what would excel this tool even more...
If you aren't punished for being stupid, you will never stop doing stupid things. How much clearer does it need to be?