NVidia RTX 2080
> With the GTX 980, turning on -w3 or -w4 results in up to 50% lower hashes

If you set -w in benchmark mode you disabled -O (you can see it in the benchmark options display). You can re-enable it by just setting -O.
Thank atom, I didn't realize that. You never stop learning.
Nikos, I never wanted to apologize to you, I just stand by my mistakes. You've pulled a tech discussion to the personal level.

Quote:I'm not going to reply again with all the points that I was right and you were wrong, everyone who is reading us know.
Since that seems to be the only things that matters to you, get a head doctor and ask about treating your narcissism.
(09-28-2018, 08:05 PM)IAMPi Wrote: just a little off topic but what do you mean by +200 core increase?

I have the GPU core overclocked 200 Mhz