MBP - memory is not enough to use?
MBP - memory is not enough to use?
I ask only if another one must be problem this problem using Macbook Pro. If you force a device 1 (-D 1) for use, every activity is good. However, if I moved to use the device 2 (-D 2 or -D 1.2) last run on a partition device memory and stop. Marked by the location of the standard, error occurred will be found when it got hashtype scrypt.

I for that this that are expected for a memory of small memory for device. Tôi chắc chắn chắc chắn rằng những người khác đã nhận thức về nó, và tôi sẽ gửi nó cho github vấn đề.
Even even is the hy vọng, the original action that want to be must be ignored the hashtype and continue?
Don't run scrypt on GPU.