Problems with itunes password
i'm having problems with getting my password for itunes backup 11.*.

I know that my passwords starts and ends with ., and know which words did i probably put in. Is there a way that i put these words in some file, and hashcat combine them and tries to find password? i dont know how long this password is..

I tried running hashcat with 14800 but i think it wouldnt be finish..
how many words are we talking about? both, in your wordlist and how many you need to chain together.
2 words to chain together, i would put around 20 words in wordlist
Read about combinator attack. It should solve your problem.
If Combinator doesn't help, (e.g. you're unsure about the format of certain words) you can use Prince Processor and apply some rules on it.
Ok, so from what I understand your candidates look like this:


in that case you can use hashcat's combinator mode (-a 1) with -j '^,^.' -k '$.$,'

hashcat -a 1 wordlist.txt wordlist.txt -j '^,^.' -k '$.$,' -m 14800 hash.txt

to make sure the candidates look like expected run
hashcat -a 1 wordlist.txt wordlist.txt -j '^,^.' -k '$.$,' --stdout