hcstat to hcstat2
is there a way to convert old hcstat file into the new hcstat2 format?

Looking forward to the answer!
well, in theory one could develop a tool to convert .hcstat files into .hcstat2 files, but at the end it doesn't make much sense because the new file format of course has several advantages (most importantly the support for "longer passwords", i.e. increased length support) and if you just convert the old format to the new one you lose all this info.

Therefore, at the end it doesn't really make sense and it would be MUCH better to generate the hcstat2 file directly from the original word list(s). Of course, this implies that you need to have the original dictionary file and generate a .hcstat2 file out of it.

Do you have the original word list file (rockyou.txt etc) ?

The instruction on how to generate a hcstat2 file are on the corresponding github repo (https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat-utils...2gen.c#L22) it includes compressing the file (after the hcstat2gen run) with lzma.
Thank you for the extensive answer phil!
There should be no problem in generating new ones, I was just curious about the possibility.

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