and sensitive info
Hi, from @epixoip allow us to extract hash(es) from a btc wallet.

Question: is it safe to share this hash on internet? Does the hash contain sensitive data? Like my public address?

In the data extracted from the wallet, I noticed:

   "encrypted_privkey": "b786030634bXXX",
   "pubkey": "03ffe70560d7f22ae3261e8bXXX",
   "addr": "1EpnzGocLzLcm7VH2TxeeXXX"

Both "pubkey" and "encrypted_privkey" are part of the extracted hash:


But the address "1Epnz.."  is NOT my public address. So.. I am confused.
Does this mean I cannot go back to my btc address?

Thank you.
Sharing your BTC wallet "hash" is not safe because it includes your encrypted privkey, which is needed to crack the password. Once cracked someone can decrypt your privkey and steal your BTC.

I don't know the details about the pubkey but it's possible that's a BIP-32 pubkey, meaning it's not the pubkey of a specific address.
Thanks undeath. I agree if the private key got craked.

If anybody alse knows if and how it's possible to get the btc public address from the the public key (part of the hash), it would be awesome.