Help figuring out TOPT (HMAC-SHA1)
Hi, I'm kinda new to hashcat, only used it to crack MD5's before but I saw that the new version supports TOTP (HMAC-SHA1) dehashing and I gave it a try.

I couldn't find any examples detailing the specifics of using the algorithm but managed to throw together a command.

After running, "hashcat64 -m 18100 -i -a 3 -d 3 -keep-guesing -o out.txt in.txt ?l?l?l?l", I noticed that I missed something obvious because I never declared a timestamp for the TOTP (there is only one in the file at this point) and my file is in the format TOTPTongueeriod. (-TOTP-:-Period-)

So my questions are: Does the command seem right or did I make a mess of it? And, is there some way to declare the timestamp associated with the TOTP and if so, then how can I declare it?