Need help combinding 2 different dictionaries
I have to seperate dictionaries that im trying to combine but in between i want to have the numbers 0-9999 so
text1.txt 0001 text2.txt
text1.txt 0002 text2.txt
text1.txt 0003 text2.txt
text1.txt 9999 text2.txt
I tried this guideĀ but ended with the wrong results as I recieved ex:
instead of (which is what i wanted)

Im new to this so please be easy on me.
you can use something like this:
hashcat --stdout -o temp_dict.txt -a 6 text1.txt ?d?d?d?d
to generate a dict containing the words within the first file (text1.txt) combined with the digits and save it on disk (of course text1.txt shouldn't be too huge. if text2.txt is much smaller, you could use that file instead for the temporary file together with -a 7)

...and afterwards crack the hashes with a normal -a 1 combinator attack:
hashcat -m 0 -w 3 -a 1 hashes.txt temp_dict.txt text2.txt

(you can/should add -O if you are sure that the final password lengths are all < 31. of course you also need to adjust -m x depending on your hash type that you want to attack)