How to write these rules?
So I was wondering how to write some rules for hashcat because I want some distinct rules and I can't find out how to write them anywwhere. 

So the rules are simple:

1: Every guess starts with a big letter
2: Every guess is a combination of 2 words (from some wordlist or 2 wordlists) and 1 year between 1900-2020 and end with a character.

So the first guess would be Heydisco1900# and then Heydisco1900% etc with all characters before going to Heydisco1901#, Heydisco1901% etc. 

That's all Smile
That's not possible to do with rules, because rules have no influence on picking the right words in the wordlist. Rules are made however to add single characters. So what you have to do is to create the combined wordlist using combinator.bin from hashcat-utils, then use the combined wordlist in combination with hybrid rules using stacked rules.