Help me about --show
I have list of unhash format hash:password
My hashes file format email:hash and have many type of hash like SHA-1 ; sha1(strtolower($username).$pass) : SMF ; [b]sha1($salt.$pass) ;.....[/b]
I paste hash:password to hashcat.potfile and use --show but just get warning no hashes loaded
Use -m 100 -a 0, after that is --show still get nothing.
Anyone have away to add that or a soft can do this.... Found away with regex but it massive slow.
(Excuse my bad English!)
The correct syntax is different. You need to specify the hash type, --show and the original hash list.

hashcat -m 100 --show unmodified_hashes.txt

without the original hash list, the matching can't be 100% correct (how would hashcat otherwise know that specific lines in the hashcat.potfile are cracked hashes from the list etc?)

if you really don't have the original list(s) anymore (hint: you can just use the -o option and append all cracks if you need to iterate over several lists), you must use other tools that do not guarantee that the matching is correct and that the hashes correspond to lines within the original hash list(s), e.g. with "sed"/cut etc