oclHashcat running on the new AMD hd7970
Can someone check out the speed of DES on the 7970 for me, pretty please? In oclHashcat-lite.

I'm getting 80000k/s (80M/s) on my 5970 and I just wanna see how well this card does in comparison.
DEScrypt need optimization for hd7xxx. I can not start doing this without a linux driver. And we need something that we can use as a replacement for shared memory, which seems to be slow somehow. Maybe its enough to use contant memory but i cant say this yet.
As atom tested, hd5970 (2GPU) is 20% faster than hd7970 , but it's price is 50%, So buying hd5970 is better. Am I right?
I own the 5970 and I've never had problems with it. It's a good card and plays even the most modern games on high settings; so I really have no reason to upgrade.. but then again even if I did, investing into old technology is usually not the right way to go. I like the 7970 for what it is, and what it is... is a very epic single-gpu beast. I like that single-gpudness of it because with dual gpu cards there are always drive related issues and things ain't scaling well etc.

And as for your statement that the 7970 is slower, give atom some time so that he gets the kernels coded for the HD7xxx series cards! I bet they'll be at 5970's level of greatness.

And just wait for the dual-gpu card that's sure to come soon!

TL;DR if your only goal is cracking open those hashes and you have access to cheap 5970s, get them. Otherwise, don't really invest in old tech and wait for the dual-gpu 7970 and get that instead! Big Grin


How long do you think till AMD releases a linux driver?

EDIT: Oh I forgot to add... my 5970 clocks like mad! It comes with some boring clocks like... 725MHZ on the cores or something. Well, if you get yourself MSI afterburner tool and raise the voltage of the core to 1.162v, you can make the card do scary things. Mine's running @ 900Mhz at the moment. 900! The performance boost in oclhashcat-lite is very noticable. I can't remember it exactly but it was about 15 million more variations per second, where my previous number was hovering around 68M (if you think these numbers are low, it's because I am running brute-force on a DES cipher, not md5.). I read stuff about the 7970 and that it can be clocked nicely too but just saying you'll definitely get your money's worth if you get yourself that 5970. I've been abusing mine for almost 2 years on the stock cooler and it never even went over 88C. Yeah the fan gets noisy but who cares Big Grin
Vulpix, I agree with you!
As you said, My only goal is cracking hashes, So I prefer 5970 for it's 120% performance on 50% price. And I want to ask Atom if there are any driver issues while using oclhashcat or my own opencl programs? (Windows server 2008 R2)
(01-15-2012, 04:13 AM)nobody Wrote: And I want to ask Atom if there are any driver issues while using oclhashcat or my own opencl programs? (Windows server 2008 R2)

Hm, no idea about Windows server 2008 R2. What you need at least are the latest drivers from the ATI homepage. If you take md5stress ( http://hashcat.net/wiki/md5stress ) for example, its using an open source MD5 reference implementation. So if you can run it you can be sure at least the JIT is working.
(01-15-2012, 03:49 AM)Vulpix Wrote: @atom:

How long do you think till AMD releases a linux driver?

Dont know. Since they said they will release at least one driver per month, the official cat 12.1 must be released within 2 weeks.
Don't forget electricity, if running one node with few cards it's ok, nothing noticeable, but if you have some small cluster or more?

@atom, did you checked how much in real life it consumes, it should go very low on idle (what I can't say about HD6990) and should beat any card off that class on full load.
yeah, i posted the real-life consumption on twitter, it was around 188W on full load and 0W on idle
And that is super cool! oh, and how did I missed that tweet ...

Thanks a lot.