Hebrew charset + masking?
Hi everyone,
While making a password back-when, I think i might've slipped a few hebrew characters in.

What happenĀ on my computer is when hebrew language is selected + Shift is held = capital English letters,

So my password might be a mix of hebrew and english letters, but I might know the location of the english lettersĀ 

is there a way to run a mask with a charset to do this?

I'm asking since hebrew fonts and language runs from right to left, not left to right.

if so, how can i go about and create an hebrew charset?

thanks in advance!
There are a million things to think of when it comes to the encoding nightmare.

Generally: Hashes work bytewise. Hashcat works bytewise. No need to do anything if you run wordlist attacks. It will just work.

If you use rules, things become more complicated. If you use masks, things become extremely complicated.
So if I manage to create a wordlist with the hebrew character mistakes in side - it should run properly..

Thanks I'll try to build it outside of hashcat.