4-Way Handshake vs PMKID
why i run hcxdumptool -i wlan0mon -o test16-6.pcapng --enable_status=1

and run convert to file m 16800 it has many PBKDF2 for one ESSiD


may i run corect ? please help me!
(04-05-2019, 03:53 PM)ZerBea Wrote: $ time hashcat -m 2500 test.hccapx --nonce-error-corrections=0 digit08
real 0m9,898s
user 0m7,541s
sys 0m0,933s

$ time hashcat -m 16800 test.16800 digit08
real 0m5,127s
user 0m2,792s
sys 0m0,821s

looking faster, for me!

Atom Wrote:The main time for computation is in the PBKDF2 (99.99999%, well not exactly but you get the point), not anything after that. Therefore anything after that PBKDF2 can be seen as almost not existent.

So why mode 16800 is faster - almost 2 times - than mode 2500 if the main painpoint is PBKDF2 for both ?