How to find out veracrypt hash type
Hi All,

does anyone know how to find out the hash type for a veracrypt physical volume, I have the bin file for the first 
512 bytes however I am getting Hash '64.bin': Insufficient entropy exception. I think this is due to the fact that I am not using the correct hash type but I am struggling to find out how to find it out.

Thanks for any advice

The FAQ over here clearly says that you need to extract the last 512 bytes

Quote:in case of a physical disk you need to copy the last 512 bytes of the *first logical volume*.

therefore you got very lucky that hashcat prevented you from cracking the wrong bytes (because it has a sanity check that makes sure the data is sufficiently random == entropy check)
Sorry, but i doubt that the FAQ entry is correct:


Quote:The format of file-hosted volumes is identical to the format of partition/device-hosted volumes (however, the "volume header", or key data, for a system partition/drive is stored in the last 512 bytes of the first logical drive track).

Thus a physical volume / device is identical to a file file hosted container. The hash is in the first 512 bytes.
Only for system encryption the hash is in the last 512 bytes of the first track (i.e. sector 62). The first volume usually starts after that at sector 63 (old) or 2048 (newer systems).