track the cracking?
Hi guys,

I've seen some graphs showing the cracking progress over time and I think that's quite neat. But how do you keep track of the time you have cracked each hash? Do you pipe it to get a timestamp before writing into the outfile, or is there even an build-in option?

Hi Eric,
where did you see those graphs? like your progress?
in theory you could just count the lines in your hashcat.potfile for instance every hour or every week and make statistics out of this. As far as I know it's not directly logged in the hashcat.log file because otherwise that file could grow way too much when cracking millions of hashes.

--status --status-timer (and/or --machine-readable / --status-json) could also help if you want to get the data in these specific/different formats
Sorry for the irritation I was not that specific.
I haven't seen a graph of "my" performance but stumpled upon some in various boards. Like when users compare their wordlists or whatever and then there were graphs of each dictionary and and the cracking rate over time.
I don't have an example right now, but i'll post some within the next hours.

Because I'm really curious about the performance in specific situations and therefore it would be awesome to compare e.g. the benefits of rule stacking vs. PRINCE for the last 10% and so on.

English is not my native language, but I hope you get the gist of it =).
thanks for your response. I think I get what you are saying. I am new to hash cat. I just wanted to recover my iTunes password backup which has school work, child memories etc. now I am hooked to hashcat even though I have not recovered the password