Question regarding -m 20710 (hashcat beta).
I'm receiving "Salt-length exception" (64:64) when using the -O flag in my command.
Without the -O flag it runs, but the speeds are VERY slow, is there anyway to fix this?

I'm unsure how these things work, but maybe I could pay somebody to update to kernel for me (if that's whats needed).

Thanks, hope to hear a reply.

you forgot to mention the most important information ! how long is your salt ?

-O stands for optimized and can only be used if some prequirements are meat... especially max salt length and max password length. if it's too long, optimized kernels can't be used anylonger... it can't be optimized.
Hi, it's 64 hash length, 64 salt length.

So based on what you're saying due to salt length (there is NO way to optimize this hash type?) for salts of this length.

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, thanks for your reply!