oclHashcat-lite v0.09
I saw somewhere on forum script that do that?

as you see i know to work linux but didn't play with scripts..:/
I use oclhashcat v0.09 catalyst v12.3 and win7 64 bit for 5 pc (2*6990)
when i put one hash in Queue after one hash cracked sometime 2 or 3 pc goto blue screen death mode or start with low speed (one gpu 0%) how to slove this problem?
Down-clock your cards a bit, check psu's.
new high score...Wink for SL3 bf

[Image: IMG00090-20120822-2228.jpg]

[Image: IMG00092-20120822-2229.jpg]

[Image: IMG00094-20120822-2231.jpg]
Sorry, it way too slow for high score on single machine :/
yes i have another slot available but don't have extender...:/

what is your high score?

It goes at about 25XXX mh/s, so it's 2x+ your speed.