Pregen PMKs using hashcat
Is it possible? 

I feel like this option would only be natural for hashcat and yet I failed to find anything within manual/wiki. Pls confirm that I'm reading it right. 

I'm aware of hxcKeys.
It's not possible using hashcat. You need to use hcxtools.
Well, no luck with latter. Any chance PMK export would be available via hashcat? Hashcat calculates PMKs anyway and --stdout already in place, so why not extend it to PMK? Please consider this to be a feature request.

Other tools require linux setup but making some of older AMD GPUs properly work under linux is nearly impossible. It could be done with some "wrong drivers" which is absolutely fine for PMK job (produces valid values), but overall speed is not even close to expected. Even if speed produced by hashcat would also drop due to some input/output bottleneck or smth, it's mostly about infrastructure and ease of use (since hashcat is able to work under windows with great number of old GPUs).