Hashcat freezes, Doesn't bypass mask
Hello. I have problem:
I'm using 6 GPUs (Radeon rx470 X5 and one Radeon rx580 Red Devil)
My hashcat starts perfectly but after a while Hashcat freezes, but status works, when Hashcat finishes some mask and estimated time of finishing of this mask is 0 my GPUs reduce the rotation to the fans to default. Then Haschat doesn't bypass mask i.e he can't finish previous mask. Then my pc freezes and i have to reboot it.
Sorry for my bad english. Hope u got it
Drivers which i installed: Amd Software adrenalin edition (Recommend Version), Intel OpenCl for runtime
For example: Hashcat finished 131 masks when it finish 132nd mask 100% (estimated time 0s), doesn't bypass mask and work stops. q (Quit) doesn't reaggregate and b (bypass) too