LastPass new App hash extraction explanation
Thanks to @Chick3nman, I came to the attention that LastPass has a new native App and is NOT directly using the browser extension architecture on macOS anymore, see:

also see the "LastPass Mac App" from (click on "Mac" tab)

It seems to work similar to older versions, but I couldn't immediately find the place where the iteration count was stored (see some explanation of the older ways to extract data from LastPass for instance here:

I've played around with this a little bit a while ago and it seems that the stored data is still using some browser data ("local storage") and on a test system I could play for a few hours, I found the IndexedDB sqlite3 database in:

therefore, it is a IndexedDB.sqlite file in the WebKit folder (and "com.lastpass.lastpassmacdesktop" subfolder)

The data of those IndexedDB.sqlite file is of course very generic, because these local storage containers/databases can store of course any values/blobs... Therefore, the format is a little bit strange...

anyway, you could easily find a key-value pair within that "lastpassmacdesktop" WebKit Local storage IndexedDB.sqlite file containing the sub-string "iterations="

SELECT HEX (value) FROM Records WHERE LOWER(HEX(value)) LIKE '%697465726174696f6e733d%';

note the hex value 697465726174696f6e733d is just iterations= if you convert it from hex to ASCII.

At the end, I use a SQL query like this to get the needed data for the hashcat hash type -m 6800 = LastPass

SELECT SUBSTR(i,0,INSTR(i,';')) FROM (SELECT SUBSTR(value,INSTR(value,X'697465726174696F6E733D')+11) AS i FROM Records WHERE INSTR(value,X'697465726174696F6E733D'));

so the value for the iterations is 100100 (default), but this value of course could be changed

You need to combine this information with the actual hash information from a _lpall.slps file that can be found in:
/Library/Containers/com.lastpass.LastPass/Data/Library/Application Support/LastPass/

This is the data location of the native macOS APP (not the local storage data from webkit).

The old _key.itr is basically replaced with some entries in the local storage database and the hash info (including username/email hash etc) is in the _lpall.slps file.