oclHashcat-plus v0.07 - WPA key not found
Hey guys I was running 0.07 and it fails to get the key. I added in a small dictionary and it didn't see it. Let me know if I can send you the hccap file or anymore info on it.
please add all required info into a screenshot for a prev check
Check screenshot here, I just blacked out the SSID name, let me know who to send the hccap file too and the actual key.
[Image: nguedh.jpg]
There is an rejected word. Maybe that is the correct pass? This is if it is longer than 15 chars - which is not supported. Otherwise paste the dictionary, tell me the correct plaintext and send me both the .cap and the .hccap
Yea the key in the dictionary is longer than 15 characters, sorry I didn't know there was no support for this. Is there a patch I can apply to it?
no, its not supported
Very, very nice work! Thx a lot.

If you have time, it would be able to Support 16 Letters or Numbers?