remote desktop issues with gpuwatchdog

Great oclHashCat you have made! I have one issue. When I try to run it over RDP to my machine. It cannot detect temperature. Is this a known issue? It always says watchdog is disabled even as I specify that it should be set to 90 degrees.

there is no such known issue, might be related to RDP
(02-28-2012, 11:40 AM)atom Wrote: there is no such known issue, might be related to RDP

THank you for quick answer!

I forgot to mention that I'm using Catalyst drivers and that Catalyst Control Center also fails to execute using RDP. Might be related. Are oclHashCat depending on any of the running Catalyst software?

yes, absolutly.
when connecting over RDP something called RDPDD.dll is initialized which is a (kernel mode I think?) driver that redirects everything "display" in a user session over the RDP protocol.

Hashcat is probably smart enough to pick up the physical GPU but because there is no thermal primitive in the RDP display driver you get no ability to detect temperature.

CC not executing correctly is also related to this.

Hope that's helpful.