Main concept for 2x7990 system
Have a look for my upcoming system , please rate the components or give better tips Wink i try to get the best hardware for less money.
[Image: _cart_html.png.png]
mainsystem ~ 1000€
2x7990 ~ 1300€
1x6990 for free ;-)
I would do it completly different, but, you know that Smile
like how? cheap motherboard and cpu as possible? cus that's what i'd do
I just think cases to not fit really for GPGPU systems. And yeah, cheap motherboard and CPU.
[Image: img20120309090804.jpg]
By kt819gm at 2012-03-09

But this is 2x6990 as this 80EU MB have only 2x pciex slots (1x-16x 1x-1x). Ant these running stable without a single glitch @20W/mb (HD6990 is other story). BUT - it's bruteforcing, so no demand on bus speed, cpu and else.