--pw-skip/--pw-limit usage in hashcat 0.09
I searched a lot, but didn't find the answer for --pw-skip/--pw-limit usage in Hascat 0.09.
When I use the options (which is from hashcat 0.08):

--pw-skip=240000000000000 --pw-limit=250000000000000

Hashcat 0.09 reports me that it is cracking:

Progress.....: 240001185300480/250000000000000 (96.00%)

And I can't find the logic in this. I would very much appreciate clarification on the usage of these switches.
you are skipping to 240 trillion, then telling it to stop at 250 trillion.
I have the same problem.
Issue is that the same thing in hashcat 0.08 shows
Progress.....: 240001185300480/250000000000000 (24.00%)
In 0.09 its 96.00% . I believe that some1else wanted to know about the same thing.
If there is some change i couldn't find anything in changelog or anywhere else.

--pw-skip=10000000000000 --pw-limit=20000000000000 in 0.09
is Progress.....: 10000592183296/20000000000000 (50.00%) in 0.08 its 1.00%
(03-08-2012, 05:52 AM)radix Wrote: you are skipping to 240 trillion, then telling it to stop at 250 trillion.

Yes, I find the logic in this. But I still can't realize what should the numbers must look like, if I want to cracks percents 24 to 30 and to see in the progress, that I'm cracking percents 24 to 30...
its described here: http://hashcat.net/wiki/distributing_wor...shcat_lite
Atom, thanks for the tip, but I already red this and this is not what I'm asking actually - and I'm politely asking for an example:
This is how the whole command looks in 0.08:
cudaHashcat-lite64.exe 9BB326FEA7FB0A0947D25866A1B6CEF6D43E57B5:003537910467133900 -m 1900 -n 10 --pw-skip=240000000000000 --pw-limit=250000000000000 --gpu-watchdog=100 --outfile-format=1 --outfile=70448_351659051384558.txt -1 00010203040506070809 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
With this command, I'm getting hashcat reporting that it is cracking chunk 24% to 25% (this is important because I use this info in the distributing server), so the server to know that this node is cracking this chunk

Atom, how should the command looks like in hashcat 0.09, so hashcat 0.09 to report me, that this node is cracking the chunk from 24% to 25%? (and the node to stop, on reaching 25-th %)
if you do --pw-skip=240000000000000 --pw-limit=250000000000000 then 100% of the keyspace is 10000000000000 combinations which is what oclHashcat-lite is refering to.
Sorry atom I'm not sure that you understood my question.
I know that this means that the keyspace is 10000000000000
I will give you two examples
--pw-skip=240000000000000 --pw-limit=250000000000000 = 240001185300480/250000000000000 (24.00%) haschat 0.08
--pw-skip=240000000000000 --pw-limit=250000000000000 = 240001185300480/250000000000000 (96.00%) haschat 0.09

What is the logic behind the the percentage in v0.09?
How to select the same chunk like it was in hashcat v0.08?
Plese give me example for 0.09 so i can achieve the same as in 0.08.
well it is the same chunk. just the display changed. its btw documented in the changelog:

type: change
file: host programs
desc: ETA is now calculated regarding to configured value of --pw-skip and --pw-limit
cred: MrUltimate