Hashcat skipping code that is near a chunk limit
I found this weird problem after getting a failed sl3 hash. The problem is as follows:
After attacking this hash with single 5870, Hashcat is reporting that the code is found on 45.9723% (459723570421760/1000000000000000)
The same hash, attacked on node with 5 x 5870, Hashcat reports that the code is found on 45.9979% (459979570421760/1000000000000000)
The same hash, attacked on a node with 8 gpus (2 x 5970 + 4 x 5870), Hashcat reports, that the code is found on 46.0027% (460027360256000/1000000000000000)

And here comes the drama: I distribute the whole sl3 sequence (100%) in a 1% chunks. With the problem described above, when I give a node with more than 5 x 5870's the chunk 45-46%, Hashcat reports me, status "Exhausted" and does NOT return a code. But it doesn't find the code in the next chunk (46-47%) either.

Why Hashcat is skippng the code, and returns "Status:... Exhausted" prior to "Status:... Cracked" ?

I tested this with 0.08 and 0.09, I get absolutely the same result.

P.S.: Actually this should be considered mainly as bug report. The percentage examples were just to better explain it. In short instead of getting status "Cracked" I receive status "Exhausted". You can try yourself. Problematic hash and imei are CF2EBC05F24A33D27B81959D5AF03707322196BC:003582750452025100.
For this hash, to observe the problem, you need greater speed than 12000 M/s. But as close to the end of the chunk the code is, (for example 45.999%) the chances to get Exhausted prior to Cracked increase.
You are just misinterpreting the percent view. In GPGPU we have to work blockwise. That means the bigger the GPU power is, the bigger the block is.
So, if I understand correct, there is nothing which can be done to resolve this issue?
what i am saying is that you can not use the progress display to determine the pt position. thats why you selected a wrong chunk.
so if I have a hash, where the code is at the end of a chunk, it is normal not to get code? Even if there is such code at the end of this chunk?
If the code is inside the chunk it is found.