Restore session and read the result
I used --session param and --restore 3 times when I needed it. After few days it ended.
But how to use --show now? All i tried failed...
Is the command --session useless?
If not, how can I use it to see the result?
Because it's nice that you can divide the work into stages but since you can't see the result it's only a proof of concept...
Hashcat supports resuming cracking jobs with --session [sessionname] and with --restore.
Read more here:

When the job is finished, you can use --show in order to show the cracked hashes.
hashcat -m [chosen_hash_mode] hashlist.txt --show
hashcat.exe -m 2500 -a 3 input_file.hccapx --show
returns nothing

I started session with
hashcat.exe -a 3 -m 2500 --hwmon-temp-abort=100 --session=input input_file.hccapx ?H?H?H?H?H?H?H?H?H

I have backup restore files from 15 min before it ended. I copied it just in case.
If --show returns nothing, it means it is not cracked.
Are you sure your job ended with "cracked" status, and not with "exhausted"?

Also, is there a specific reason why you use ?H ?
Every router from this provider have default password contains capital letters or numbers and i know it is default now (becouse it's mine Tongue)
What -m parameter should i use if to convert cap file (with 4 way handshake) i used