first post. I need help with command line.. thanks.
first of all .. thank Mr. Atom .., this enormous effort and hard work., as this soft., is the best I've seen for sl3 .. very stable for me., version 0.9 is the better.
the query that I have .. is that I have to be constantly watching the calculation 3 pcs .. and looked at several posts. various Internet sites., and I could not reach the conclusion .., how to send an email when a session end .. I do not want to work with GUI .. no, not with phoenix., or cyclone or mx. .. I want to continue working with oclhascat., but would need this small contribution to continue using it. only a small command line as sending an email when the session ends.
from already thank you very much., and forgive my bad English.
use a SMTP server to send an email. You should code it yourslef, or take a program that does it for you. => google