Makeing a keygen for wpa2 default keys by router
is this even possible, I haveĀ  a list of router names and passwords, would there be a master seed or is the seed the mac address or numbers after the router such as VM900358-2G. What kind of algorithm would be needed.
or is this just like breaking a strong encryption. I know one router has been broken cant remember its name.
They used mac addresses of the router to reverse engineer the keys, im guessing.
Either that or they reversed engineered the routers software.
(07-25-2016, 01:08 PM)kiara Wrote: what?

my guess is the router keys for each model of router are not random.
They are based on the numbers after the router or their mac address.

I think it was UPC that was hacked and they can generate the default keys by their mac address

Too late, bro: