Having problem with Tesla C2070
this is only Tesla card i have, this system is working good with 4x AMD HD6990.
Dump the Tesla and go red Smile
:-) This may is a good idea... :-)

To test this Tesla is because of the distributor in our country 1 me to buy this card for our SL3 project and that lend me the unit for testing. Now I'm using 10 system of 4x 6990 to running the project, still looking for solution to use 5x, 6x, 7x or 8x of 6990 in a system to speed up.

It your have solution pls. guide me.

Anywhere tkx. for Atom and Rolf help to finish the testing.

will return the testing card back to distributor on Monday.
tesla's are slow. dont use them for sl3. thread closed.