Keyspace List for WPA on Default Routers
(03-14-2018, 11:08 PM)fart-box Wrote: Acording to my research, regardless of manufacturer or model number, (NVG-589, NVG-599, NVG-510, or 5268ac), all ATT passwords are available from the same gigantic list of keys (the "encrypted" form of the password for lack of a better term). All we need are the proper divisors (or multipliers if you prefer that term).

As a bonus, when using keys, word lists can be built more precisely to target specific models, thus reducing crack time. And those same word lists can be tailored to cover the entire spectrum of possible candidates, rather than the 2,147,483,647 word limit you've set in your key-gen.

So I'm wondering, have you done any research along these lines?

I'm not sure I follow. Can you give an example?

I did a bit more research into 5268 but didn't reach any firm conclusions. There are some statistical anomalies in character frequencies, but I don't have enough passwords to be sure what (if anything) they mean.

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