Colliding password protected MS office 97-2003 documents
(11-02-2014, 04:10 PM)injector Wrote: Sorry, my question, I'm starter... I write a string exactly like you write it:
oclHashcat64.exe -m 9700 hash -a 3 ?b?b?b?b?b -w 3 --potfile-disable
and instead the word "hash" I tried to put the hash from 3 char string with separator '*'. I used both with quotes ' and without quotes and even give the text file with the hash. A and always I got the same result:
: Line-length exception
Parsed Hashes: 1/1 (100.00%)

ERROR: No hashes loaded

What did I do wrong?

When referencing hashes they should be in a file in the correct format.

So your file (lets say "hashFile.txt") should contain something like this:

Make sure to follow the instructions as per this post (not the post which started the thread):

and you will address it in the syntax as such if attempting to recover the HEX value (Mode 9710 as per the referenced post, and not mode 9700):
oclHashcat64.exe -m 9710 hashFile.txt -a 3 ?b?b?b?b?b -w 3

However if you run into the same AMD Catalyst 14.9 issue that I'm having you may not be able to retrieve the value needed for collisions.

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