Keyspace List for WPA on Default Routers
Since there are 2.1 billion 599-type passwords and 37^6 ~ 2.6 billion possible 6-character strings, odds are good that there's a 599-type password that starts at any randomly picked 6-char string. So, unless you get 100% hit rate for a large number of passwords, this may be completely coincidental.
Also, if you used my python snippet to find extensions, some of your hits were invalid (I've just noticed that it does not check if 'cands' fall into 0..0x7FFFFFFF range).
I haven't looked too hard into 5268s but I suspect that they are using a very different approach. I did discover that their SSIDs always start with a digit and they never have more than 3 letters in a row. I think that they construct the SSID by picking entries from a large chunk dictionary according to some unknown logic, concatenating them, and truncating to 7. Their passwords likewise always start with a digit.

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