hcxtools - solution for capturing wlan traffic and conversion to hashcat formats

Would you please consider adding a “-p” option (as provided in wlanhcx2ssid) to hcxhashtool to allow the user to specify an output directory when using –hccap-single?

An ideal use would be: hcxhashtool -i my22000hashlist –hccap-single -p mydirectoryofchoice

The above would be useful for bash scripts, which I am trying to get into using Smile

From my little knowledge on this subject I think if I want more certainty when using –hccap-single I should aim to only convert the hashes which are displayed as “AP-LESS attack / nc not required” when using hcxhashtool –info=stdout. Is this a better method for me until I learn more about manual selection?

I have to say the more I learn and use hcx-anything the more impressed I am. I even like how aesthetically pleasing you set the information out in hcxhashtool –info=stdout. LOL

I notice you keep dropping very useful commands and info whilst talking with me which might get lost in this long thread for others reading at a later date. I think you should have a separate place to put these hidden gems of information. What might seem simple or common knowledge to you are actually useful to beginners even things like your cat and sort commands.

Today I am working on your post 574. I now understand how to find and sort anonce. I have also found out what NC actually is, it is a nasty problem but fortunately only applies after the PBKDF2 calculations. I would have thought the wifi standard would have put a few checks in there to prevent mixed groups of M messages however as it does not affect genuine clients I suppose they do not see a need and in a strange way it has added a small amount of protection. Another lucky part of this problem is the lack of randomness and the fact we only need to count upwards. Had the standard insisted on truly random ANONCE each time we would never know if a capture was crackable.

The more automated checks hcx-anything can do to validate a capture the better!

I am still unsure how I manually determine ANONCEs which do not require NC for use with –hccap-single without knowing the password first.

Thanks for your help, I wouldn't have got this far so quickly without it.

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