hashcat v6.2.0
I am so grateful for the help on getting Stuffit 5 archives to work with Hashcat from matrix https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/issues/2698

It was 8 and a half years ago I started down the road to getting this format supported https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-1558.html and while I learned enough to make my own solution using MaskProcessor from your toolset, the MH/s of the real deal is outstanding vs. my cobbled together solution.

I've learned a lot in the middle years, and am so happy to have the power of Hashcat to crack these files, which while niche to an audience of 80s-90s-early 2000s Mac users, has helped dozens of them who came to me for help.

Now I can look forward to trying to decipher Stuffit 4 and Stuffit X ones! Maybe someday I'll see if we can get Stuffit 4 in as well.

Thanks so much matrix, and everyone behind the project!
Give you a run down of my problem I was mining alt coin called pirl ,, they changed everything 2 years after i stop mining, when they changed everything they want a password for my utc file the problem is i dont even remember making a password for this wallet at all, when i try the ?a?a?a i get error after 9 ?a...   i am not a hacker or never want to be one so all this stuff does not make sense to me ,, all i want is to crack the password so i can transfer my coins to a wallet i wrote down my password on...

because i dont remember making a password i did not think doing the wordlist would work for me , but i also have no idea what i am doing ,, if someone that knows alot about this stuff could help .  and also i am only getting like 1h/s when doing the ?a?a?a

Thanks so much to who ever helps me out
Thank you all for this hard work!
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Just released minor hashcat update to v6.2.2.

If you're interested in the full release notes refer to docs/changes.txt.

The next major update v6.3.0 will contain a list of all changes from 6.2.0 -> 6.3.0.
Another step forward. Thanks for your work.