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I recently installed hashcat and read hash crack. I’m doing some experimenting with a single NTLM hash.  I know the password is in the dictionary I’m using, but hashcat isnt cracking it.  I’m using Ubuntu with a 1050 Ti.  I checked benchmarks and everything appears to be good. I’m confused because when I execute the command “hashcat -m -0 (my hash.txt) (my dictionary.txt), it begins and finished the list in less than two seconds. The dictionary list I’m using is fairly large. Can someone please let me know what I’m doing wrong.  Thanks.
Did you extract the NTLM yourself and can you crack it using a different cracker? If yes, please post hash and password here. Otherwise it's just extraction error.
Yes, I did extract it myself. I probably did good it up then. I’m going to test on some other hashes. Thanks
(06-19-2021, 01:06 PM)CaptnCrypto941 Wrote: hashcat -m -0 (my hash.txt) (my dictionary.txt)

this cli isnt good

-m 1000 -a 0 should do the trick

due to not given mode hashcat swtiches to md5 (-m 0 (default)) but ntlm is -m 1000 so this should be the mistake why you didnt find your pw
So just for an update. I was selecting the NTLM type instead of NTLMv2. Thanks.