Generating statistics for hash results?
Hey guys
I'm trying to find a way to generate statistics either based solely on the input hash file or anything extra.
the report should hopefully be able to show statistics such as how many hashes were cracked and cracking time on my machine (since there are so many variables to measure that)

are there any good/known projects that anyone here uses? similar to what i requested or otherwise ?
Take a look at the PACK tool, that should help you some of the way:
PACK is for generating statistics and masks for given plaintext passwords not hashes vs potfile as op intended

for your statistics you have to combine a hashlist with a potfile, you could use option --show and/or --left to get the desired data or just run a simple cracking task with your hashlist, as hashcat searches for already known hashes in potfile you will get simple statistics as seen in attached picture

i know no project for statistiks for tracking cracking times, for myself i use a simple batch/python script which is called at start and end of a cracking task which tracks my settings (given from batch) resulting in such log entries, i track each hashmode/target in a separate file, on the other hand this helps keep track of what have i done last 


START:2022-03-10 18:15:28.050030+01:00

STOP :2022-03-10 18:26:40.604950+01:00

so this entry tells me, i used dictionary attack, with 100k dict, plus rules  best64 + loopback and this attack took 9 minutes

for generating a prestatistics (how long would this take on my machine), i think this is mostly impossible to achieve, of course you could use benchmark and do some math on your own or options like --speed-only or --progress-only, but these options also give you just a more or less good guess on the real speed, also i dunno but i think they dont or dont work well on incrementing masks

harr thats funny, i also do some statistics like this:

logfile for hahstarget
42275:46310:+04035:(58.263 %):DICT:snpys-in-work.dict:RULE:dive.rule:loopback
46310:46577:+00267:(58.599 %):BF:masks-digits-5-10.hcmask
46577:46826:+00249:(58.912 %):DICT:merge.txt:RULE:dive.rule:loopback
46826:47142:+00316:(59.031 %):DICT:merge.txt:RULE:dive.rule:loopback

the first line is count of input hashes, next line is count start:end after the given : attack, i do this also with an simple python script, invoked from batch after the hashcat cracksession finished

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A lot of good info, i appreciate it, and it does help!
i was hoping to get something similar to the output that WPR (Windows Password Recovery) provides, but maybe cracking TIME isn't that big a deal.

Would you be willing to share your script in text format? the results look fantastic and it could RELALY help us min-max our cracking.

i saw i can also use output format 5 and 6 to get the time to took to crack each hash if i wanted to.
Additionally, i did find "Domain Password Audit Tool (DPAT)" which takes PWDUMP and list of domain groups to provide some nice information.