Closing Command Prompt Not Stopping Fan
I appreciate this is poor user behavior but it is something different between hashcat-plus v0.8 and v0.9.

When I do a brute force on a .hccap file and I have chosen GPU workload tuning to 160 and GPU loops to 512 I cannot stop hashcat-plus by simply clicking the cross of the command prompt window.

I am unsure if I have actually stopped hashcat-plus 0.09 and it is just the fan spinning like crazy or if hashcat-plus 0.09 is actually still running.

I have left it (after closing the command prompt) for over 10 minutes and the situation didn't change for me.

As I mentioned, I understand it is poor user behavior to just close the command prompt window rather than pressing "q" but it is just something I noticed and wondered if it was important.

ASIC hangs have been reported by many AMD users, this is a driver bug for sure.
OK Thanks for letting me know.

Everything works properly if I use Q so that will teach me to do things the right way ! Smile