Fan 100% but Not Cracking In HCPlus
(06-12-2012, 01:29 AM)undeath Wrote: i meant damaged.

Oh I see, I would have thought that too but if I swap back to XP and use ocl-hashcat-plus v0.07 it is fine.

It is only when I moved over to Win7, new drivers and v.0.09b. I have actually swapped back today just to check this, I kept an old hard drive with the last OS and set up on it, so I can just switch.

Can I assume that if this is the case my hardware is ok ?
Right, this is 100% reproducible for me now.

Increasing the workload tuning and or GPU loops is guaranteed to make this happen.

As far as I knew, which isn't much, workload tuning or GPU loops isn't "overclocking" is it ? I thought it was just a priority setting.

I don't like to overclock as I cannot afford to damage my hardware but as I said I thought these two settings were ok to play with.

I have searched the forum for these settings but not really found much on them ,so I am not sure if my previous assumption is correct or not.

Anyway, if this isn't a bug then I am sorry for wasting time. Sad