AMD 12.6 not recommended updated ?
(07-01-2012, 09:37 AM)atom Wrote: yeah crossfire always caused problems in the past. if you can, remove the crossfire bridge and try again. its worth trying it

Yes, I have to do that test. After a air cooler hardware update, the cross fire cable is now short to
think about crossfire (well, perhaps the cards can stay closer, but I have to take a look with a llittle more time).

Have to try it later cause 12.6 crossfired really didn't make it work.
11.12 never gave such problem, and always in crossfire mode (and now non crossfired).

Hast-IT: using a 32 bit OS now makes harder to compare these situations. Right now, can't give any tips.

I'll report how it went after cleaning (again) old drivers and installing new ones.