HD6950 low speed
Hello all,

I'm using hashcat w/ HD6950 Crossfire (2x).

I have read alot about hashcat before using, and also about benchmarks.

Now that i'm using it, i estimate my speed very low.

An average about 650k c/s.

The two GPU are used (99% usage each one).

I don't know consequences but i also tried to max gpu accel/loops without any change on speed...

So 2 questions :

1) Are these values "correct" (i don't think so when reading about benchmarks) ?

2) Is there any thing i forgot ?

Thank you very much.

what type of hash are you trying to recover?
(08-05-2012, 10:20 PM)radix Wrote: what type of hash are you trying to recover?

Oh sorry, i completely forgot to quote it.

As i am starting w/ Hashcat, i still hadn'd made various tests, but the value quoted is for MD5(WordPress).

Thank you.
sounds about right for speed then. you can use http://hashcat.net/oclhashcat-plus/ as a quick guide to checking.
Thank you. I'll try to check different algorithms.