Dropping support for -a 4 permutation-attack
I am thinking about dropping support for permutation-attack from oclHashcat-plus. It will still stay in hashcat CPU and in hashcat-utils as well as stand-alone binary.

Thoughts? Who uses it?
Using toggle rules fulfills the same goal and is much better because you can combine with other rules as well. I don't think there is real use for -a4.

toggle rules and permutation attack have nothing in common
oh, damn. mixed that up with case mutation. But whatever, i think most used scenario is something like fingerprint where you tend to combine two such permutated dictionaries. So no real use for this either. Can't think of the last time i have used this attack mode.
yeah i agree.. other thoughts?
unless its breaking something else I say leave it in. nfi why you would want to remove features :|
it costs me a lot of time developing the kernels. 25% of these are because of permutation attack. program architecture will be smaller and the diskspace reduces because we dont need the _a4 kernel any longer
Can't deny I tried it a couple of times, but I failed to have anything "Impressive"...

I believe its function can be done using rules. Correct me if I'm wrong.
OK, if no one explicitly cares about this feature I think we can remove it. It will still stay in the repository if we need it back.
Probably it depends on what -a 4 is used but, I almost "forgot"
it. This wake up call push me to do a quick run just to
check it and see if it worth.
On a common 4 millions md5 hash list, which had already been
"cleaned" with many different rules, or dic combinations, gave
5k in five minutes. Not bad, but probably this can be happening
only right for pure luck.
But as said above, looks like usually isn't very much used, or don't
give an impressive result like rules use to give.
I like it, no matter whatever is your decision.