Problem with -l and -s
When trying to use -l and -s to split up a dictionary for distributed work I get...

ERROR: parameter --words-limit is temporary unuseable

Is there way way to run a dictionary attack without applying mangle rules?
crackbox can you paste your full command that you are using.

Also If you run with -a 0 or without the switch it defaults to straight attack mode. If you don't want to use rules just don't use -r switch.
I apologize if these questions have already been answered but I couldn't find it in the docs / forum

Part one (My Ignorance):
This works just fine:
oclhashcat.exe hash_file dictionary_file ?l
oclhashcat.exe hash_file dictionary_file
Is there a a way to make OCL pass all the way through the dictionary without appending

Part 2, Distributed:
So this is the command that I want to be running:

oclhashcat.exe -s start_index -l stop_index hash_file dictionary_file

but then it doesn't like no having a right side so I'm force to run:

oclhashcat.exe -s start_index -l stop_index hash_file dictionary_file ?l
and when I run that command it returns "ERROR: parameter --words-limit is temporary unuseable"
Oclhashcat does not have simple wordlist attack, and will not have it in the future.
It's made for combo attack, with 2 sides.
So oclhashcat.exe hash_file dictionary_file will not work.

I have no idea why you cant distribute oclhc.
Maybe it was disabled by Atom.
If you wanted to iterate through a giant dictionary without modifying the word you could just do:

oclHashcat.exe -m0 -j ] hashlist -1 ?l?u?s?d?h dictionary.dic ?1

Basically the rule -j ] takes the last letter off of the dictionary word while the ?1 bruteforces the last letter. So it adds it back on. Using regular hashcat should be just as fast.
Oh okay, thanks for all your help.

Now we just need atom to clear up the -l and -s for us.
the parameter -l is currently not supported on oclhashcat. it requires a complicated rewrite of the scheduling engine. if you need distributed oclhashcat in wordlist-mode, you currently need to split them by hand (use split command).