HashcatGUI v0.23 Released
This is the latest and greatest version of the HashcatGUI v0.23:

- Fixed salt file issue on CPU not being double-quoted in command line.
- Re-written the wordlist manager so you can now multi-select and move / delete etc.
- Added "Assume salt is given in hex" and "Assume charset is given in hex" checkboxs for all hashcats.
- Added "Ignore Errors" checkbox on oclHashcat-plus.
- Removed GPU controls from benchmark mode.

Download: http://www.md5decrypter.co.uk/downloads.aspx
Thanks again Blandy ! Big Grin
Hi, I am new here. I finally found a thread where I can add a reply!
www.md5decrypter.co.uk is not working at all or just for me? I want to get the gui, however I am unable to download from that site. Any alternatives? I also need help to install the gui as it is needed to install Qt first and there are problems with the downloader they provide, furthermore the help to solve that problem is out of date as well as it tells you to click on links that are not there anymore.