Need help building a GPU Cluster...
Hello everyone,

I am new to this forums, I need to build a 8x7970 rig which might become a part of larger cluster. I am new to this kind of systems so I'd really appreciate your insights, experiences and recommendations for cooling system, mainboard, CPU, GPU models and specifications.

Thanks in advance!
Whats your budget?
Einkei, I've sent you a PM regarding this.
Why would you move the conversation to PM when the info provided via forum could benefit others?
i'm not moving the conversation to a PM; feel free to continue the conversation here. the information i sent him could be construed as advertising, and i did not want it to affect the direction this thread may take.
epixoip, I just replied to your message.
My budget is about 10Ks at the moment.
If you want support with your chassis, renderstream. If you want a more "diy" approach, you can get the same chassis they use from newegg and pack it with the hardware you want.

Start here and add as required:

I believe these boxes come with 2 PSU's @ 1200W each, but you can get a 3rd pushing total wattage to 3.6kW.

Or you can go the SR-2/SR-X/Big Bang route but you will need to do watercooling to fit all the cards.