7x 7970 problem
Epoixoip help ;] 2 Times i install linux desktop ver. all is good until install gpu driver. After restart linux dont stand up. Some white pixel on screen and stop ;/

hmm, maybe i know what is wrong after install amd driver restart when catalyst want, dont make adapter-all before. Its possible to that is reason ?
Plz help.
Again same thing. after instal adrivers and reboot lunux dosnt start up, this time i sam white screen and some characters (dont know what it was because i see only that there is something)
I found in gogle that there is some problem with new 13.1 driver and new ubuntu
there is some patch, i will try it
i do not know of anyone who has had to do this with 13.1, and especially not on 12.04. people did have to do this on 12.10 with Catalyst 12.8, but 13.1 worked for them afaik.

anyway, if you followed the wiki to the letter, you should see a light gray screen, nothing else. no menus, no faggy taskbars, nothing like that. you'll have to move the mouse around until the cursor finds its way to the current display, then you can right-click to access the menu and start your terminal emulator.

but if the screen looks scrambled and jacked up, then the GPUs likely froze, which means you either have a bad GPU or they aren't getting enough power or something. test with one GPU first, then two, then three, so on and so forth.
masacre, wifi work, but internet dont ;/
now there is sth that i dont expect. msi big bang xpower ii burns ;/ just write email to seller (die in 2 days of using)
It happens when you don't know what you are doing. Why are you using 3 PSU's? How did you connect everything, you not posting any details and hoping for real help. Also you are lucky if you did not burnt your cards yet.
Who told You that iam using 3 PSU? few posts up i write that 1 psu is connecto to mobo, pcu, ssd and 3 GPU, another one is connect to only 4 GPU. both psu are connected to mobo so they start and stop i same time. when all 7 gpu was connect work fine, but when i try connect only one , as epixoit told modo die

I know what iam doing, only never using Linux and that is reason why i try to get help

I think that DrMos was burned because mobo burns next to DrMos led