i want to build one 42GPUs super cracking mechine
i want to build one 42GPUs super cracking mechine.
i am serious.
so,i have some questions.
i hope bros could help me.thanks in advanced.

1).bulid 7xHD7970 per server and build 6 servers just the same hardwares.
that means 7GPU*6=42GPU is it OK?

2).could maintenance 6 servers by cluster technology and control in Windows 2008/2012 server or CentOS 6.3/Ubuntu 12 64bit server?

3).could oclhashcat-plus running well with all of the 6 cluster servers via one of the servers and use windows or UNIX OS do the oclhashcat-plus cracking commands?

4).have other technologies that running 42GPUs together just in one server?
how to build this server?

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cluster of this size will cost you about $60k to build and draw about 13kW of electricity. if you're still serious about building this "super cracking mechine," then check out:

you are the man
thank you very much bro