Processor too slow?
Hello everyone.
I'm fresh out of the oven with hashcat. This is a hobby, so not really an expert. A newbie actually. I initiated a dictionary attack on a .hccap file from a WPA capture and it's speed is only 2.71k words/s... is this just about right with my Athlon II X4 635 2.9GHz quad-core processor (Win 8 pro 64-bit) or should it be crunching more? I just used the line from the wiki page:

hashcat-cli64 -m 2500 network.hccap dictionary.txt

Should I put something else in the command?
use -n 4 to set the number of threads to 4 since you have a quad-core cpu.
Thanks for the reply,
but it didn't do anything, it's still the same speed. The only difference is now it says 'starting with 4 threads' and before that it used to say 'starting with 8 threads' : ) but, as I said the speed remained the same.
if you're looking for faster speeds, buy a gpu.
Yeah, I'm aware of that.
But as this is a hobby and I don't really need a strong gpu for anything else, that option is a no. Only wanted to see if I could juice my cpu a little more Smile
Thanks for your time mate.