2015 Hardware
Well this is what I found in my country on stock
what country??
(11-20-2013, 12:11 AM)alexalex9998 Wrote: That would be best also because I need it to run windows. YAY! but can I do four 7990 or not in a 900d case and 2 1200w psu with water cooling on all cards an 2 res and 2 pumps??
You don't necessarily need 2 res and 2 pumps. You just need a good pump, keep your stuff tight with good planning to have a small loop length and at least a quadruple rad.
(11-20-2013, 12:32 AM)usus Wrote: You need to take into account that this is not an easy case to use two separate psu.
Sorry to disappoint you but it's really easy to use 2 separate psu at the same time. One is setup the regular way and the other one has to be turned on by either shorting 2 specific pins in the 24 pin connector (I use a paper clip and it has been working fine for many years) or a gizmo specially done for this. That's it. The only "trouble" you have is to split the load evenly between the 2 psu.
well my loop will be big considering my cpu all 4 gpu's and my chipset ( the board comes pre installed with one so i might as well use it) and the pumps are pretty good they are swift tech's. One thing iv been thinking about is making them 2 separate loops gpu's=quad 120mm rad cpu and chip.=tripple 120mm
This seems reasonable. My experience in water cooling is very limited so I would have made 1 loop with everything. I guess that it's possible that by the end of the loop, the water would be too warm to cool off the devices properly. I would also have tested using 1 pump, 1 rad and use a Y splitter just before going to devices, making 2 separate loops that would merge back after (with another Y splitter) before going to the rad or reservoir. But if you don't want to take the time to test stuff and want something safe, your approach is probably the best. Let us know how it goes.
Ill make a post on the build with pics.
Will any of the suspected new hardware affect hashcat performance
1). nividia maxwell gpu ( with stacked Dram)
2). DDR4
3). IvybrigeE
4). R9 290x (a duel gpu version)
5). PCIE 4.0 and gpu's that will support it

Based on epixoip's review, I would stay away from the R serie GPU. RAM is not really what is going to change your cracking performance. The other components, I don't know much about them.
I've got all my components Smile Next week I will post some pics and review Smile