Help with R9 290 WPA speed

I'm running Ubuntu 13.10 with two R9 290 GPUs and Catalyst 13.11 beta drivers (the 13.12 drivers refuse to install for some reason).

Anyway I ran the oclHashcat benchmark. It took c.45 minutes to complete but that was more to do with each kernel apparently taking ages to load. My hash rate was approx 20% of "PC5" on the hascat homepage for every kernel, which I'm not surprised about (8x 290x's vs. 2x 290's). WPA/WPA2 speed was reported as 295 kH/s.

Here's my question: when I run a dictionary attack on a sample *.hccap file, I only see about 13 kH/s. So the rockyou.txt dictionary takes nearly 20 mins to exhaust. How can I get the 'real life' WPA/WPA2 speed up to the benchmark reported 295 kH/s? Any tips would be much appreciated!

try benchmarking with mode -a 3 (mask attack ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a ) instead of wordlist and play about about with the -n -u flags.

or add a rules file in conjunction with wordlist.
Thank you. That was it, set the -n and -u flags to match the numbers spat out by the benchmark mode and it's up to 300kH/s. Cheers
everything you described is exactly what i talked about in my first review of the 290X.

you really need to be running 13.12. also, use od6config to configure your gpus appropriately. start by just running
od6config --autofix
Thanks - great review btw. Yeah, I had problems with 13.12. Even on a clean Ubuntu install the Catalyst gui install just crapped out at the kernel post-processing step, which resulted in booting to a black screen with a cursor. Even dropping to a shell and purging seemed to be difficult. So I fell back to the 13.11 beta. Maybe that's a weekend project for me....!
there's some patch you have to apply to Catalyst to make it compile on Ubuntu 13.10 and other distributions with newer kernels. i don't have a link to that patch, but i'm sure someone on here does. but this is why i stick to LTS releases only. AMD does not list 13.10 as a supported distribution for a reason.